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Beer industry development should pay close attention to 4 big questions
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In recent years, our country wine kind industry development is rapid, obtained numerous the achievement that your person fixes eyes upon, but its also produced a few problems that puzzle an industry in developing a process. In held Chinese brew industry association 3 5 board (expand) on the conference, wang Yancai of director of association of Chinese brew industry is emphasized point out, leave one stage, the height that the problem of 4 respects is necessary to cause entire industry takes seriously, need seeks answered guiding principle and the way that settle actively, expand for the enterprise thereby, industry development levels road.

Standardize a process: Want the power of enterprise of rely heavily on sb's service

Wang Yancai expresses, the ceaseless aggrandizement that works as standardization and refine, the standard is clearer and clearer to the influence of the industry, should cause an industry to pay close attention to. In last few years, in wine assist draft directly, or participate in as one of units that draft discuss, modification criterion amounts to a few, these standards can divide basically it is 4 kinds: It is industry government basic standard; 2 it is raw material and product standard; 3 it is professional equipment standard; 4 it is professional skill standard. The formulate of these standards and edit, adumbrative degree of the standardization that the country will develop to the industry henceforth, professionalism takes seriously very much. Various association and enterprise should base oneself upon offers an opinion actually at the industry, make the standard has advanced sex already, carry out smoothly again, hurried has the development of course of study.

Standardize a process to wine kind the importance that the industry grows is self-evident, its are in eliminate the normative company production, great sense that purifies the respect such as market order, wang Yancai is special still mention, chinese liquor is in relatively passive position on world market at present, this one current situation is as long as liquor history, excellent craft place not of conform to, form this kind of contrast, with long-term since the standard system of liquor domain is over not quite the concern with very big stock. Chinese liquor should promote his international position and consequence, with respect to the process that must accelerate liquor industry and international to conform, and the occupation standard with perfect and independent formulate, it is the important precondition of this one process, only from " orbit " go up to put through with international first, liquor of ability safeguard China sails straightwayly the vast domain that competes to international.

He emphasizes pointing out, current, the responsible orgnaization of all sorts of standards inside the industry each are not identical, but no matter be the small standard of international old standard or fractionize industry, it is to want to be dominant in order to promote industry development.
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