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Light makes industry of strong yellow rice or millet wine hand in hand with 100
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On August 29, be about to more the first food of line of business of wine of renown Jin Feng (14.35, - 0.03, - 0.21% , ) with 100 couplet group ministry of career exceeding trade signed agreement of strategic collaboration framework. According to the agreement, 100 couplet group will be mixed in open network channel extend countrywide market respect to give Jin Feng the support with wine strong line of business, and line of business of golden maple wine can be 100 couplet group offer newest, best product. 100 couplet group is in have the aid of trade is current the lead position of the domain, line of business of golden maple wine breaks hopeful for quite a long time the problem that development of estate of yellow rice or millet wine gets district to restrict, march further countrywide market.

Wang Jianhua of general manager of the first food expresses when accepting a reporter to interview, the strategic goal of the first food after the conformity that finish is, force whole nation is sent on the foundation of solid Shanghai market, in devote oneself to a product to upgrade, base oneself upon at high-end market while, progressively implementation is growing the dilate of trigonometry area, be in actively position of countrywide key market.

And the 100 couplet group that exceeds business cent to sell a network formidably is had in the whole nation, undoubted to the first food it is a high grade partner. As we have learned, 100 couplet are country's at present biggest current industry group, wang Jianhua expresses, the sale site with 100 giant couplet extends goods capacity with what highlight, will be opposite undoubtedly of business of company town inside and outside extend rise strong support and urge action.

From the point of more deep-seated face, bright group, 100 couplet group is congeneric Shanghai country endowment system, both sides is in " extend countrywide market " having on train of thought appeal to identically beg, strong strong accord with bilateral seek together " go " development strategy, two big groups are chance this with developing yellow rice or millet wine, the strategy that develops comprehensive, development stage by stage cooperates, not only can come true double win, also will be Shanghai at the same time national endowment system is large the enterprise keeps abreast of hand in hand establish with a good example.