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Fulfil well of strategy of support value charging an amount lane radical wine ap
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Well lane high level expressed recently, the company plans to sell partial radical wine and semi-manufactured goods wine continuously, explore pattern of new produce and sale. In the meantime, maintaining Di Yaji Europe (DEO) below the case that starting a group to control a scale construction at present completely, with its collaboration extends international mainstream market, and DEO criterion plan builds fill to load base in Chengdu.

Sell continuously base wine and semi-manufactured goods wine

Well lane published half annual report on August 28, can discover from which, well lane business income grows 12% only first half of the year, but profit growth is as high as 97% however, this one increase rate exceeded 5 grain fluid, lu city old cellar or pit for storing things is next to in plain wine, highlight its to accuse to measure the market strategy of support value.

"The company is produced to digest can, continue to implement the strategy of support value charging an amount, the decision extends pattern of new produce and sale, the plan sells partial radical wine and semi-manufactured goods wine continuously. " brave of Xu of vise general manager tells well lane the reporter yesterday, this new decision-making already obtained a board of directors to pass, will by president personally assume leadership is carried out.

The country believes Huang Mao of negotiable securities researcher to express, 1573 with 5 grain fluid rise in price to accuse to measured support value to offer opportunity of market of a short-term for well lane in succession, cooperate mid-autumn, the sale of the busy season such as National Day, well lane will realize the Qi Sheng that estimate value.

It is reported, base wine value is general and inferior, class is not high, basically be to sell small-sized liquor brewery to serve as the raw material that draws mix, sale radical wine and semi-manufactured goods wine won't bring immediate impact to outstanding achievement of well lane whole.

DEO plan western the market

Di Yaji Europe bought afterwards to start a group completely in January 2007 after 43% equity, this year on July 10, di Yaji Europe and labour union of Inc. of Sichuan well lane signed equity to make over an agreement, former buy so that start a group completely from department of well mill union with the cost of 140 million yuan of RMBs the equity of 6 % , its hold a scale to also rise to 49% accordingly, the person be controlled actually that leaves well lane promotes a group to need the space of one pace only completely.

Nevertheless, xu Yong tells a reporter, DEO is about to accuse promoting a group to look from current condition completely is not actual, it is the threshold that exceeds relevant nevertheless government sector above all, at the same time well lane is made over 6% promote equity completely, the collaboration that spreads out with DEO is to build preserving base of existing equity structure over, won't appear DEO accuses promote completely, control well lane to appear on the market then the circumstance of the company.
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