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Be convinced international brew bound: 5 grain fluid is multinomial " the world
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A product, if do not have top class character safeguard,be in in the market that it steps, it will not win demand, numerous mouth of prep let alone all the praise of the cup; A brand, if do not have base oneself upon,be in in its located domain this, so it will not live, more do not talk to go up the play of latent capacity; An enterprise, move to if do not have sturdy belief and distinctive company culture,go up with progressive path in it, it will not achieve ego raising of things to a higher level, move toward internationalization more impossibly. Reflect the distinctive glamour of ego and powerful actual strength in ceaseless Shang Haizhong only, with each " the world the first " go affecting the market and society, go aggrandizement oneself potential, just be to assure to last the perfect way of healthy progress!

5 grain fluid, the person above average that is this respect and win the home greatly. Equestrian brave is in secretary-general of association of Chinese food industry of September 2007 " world name wine " on strategic seminar, with him professional perspective analysed 5 grain fluid how to hold the reason seat of top class character for a long time.

Many worlds the first, "5 grain fluid " can weighs the highest grade in wine

2007, abroad the reporter of 19 famous media comes to 5 grain fluid on a special trip, dug the quality of 5 grain fluid is secret, as a result they discover amazedly, collect finished product wine to leave factory from raw material, the 5 grain fluid of a bottle of 500 milliliter should pass 36 quality actually " crucial point " , if among them a key dot does not accord with green provision level, the testing system of 5 grain fluid can be shown instantly come, undertake its destroy by melting or burning is handled from product line.

As we have learned, measure to ensure the product is simple, 5 grain fluid is in countrywide wine kind took the lead in building what be a center with overall quality management in the enterprise, the liquor of banner level produces international to run a system with quality, and China's modernest liquor detects system, collect to raw material for, former wine classifications, the manufacturing process such as old wine and product quality undertake comprehensive, real time quality monitoring.

Equestrian brave expresses secretary-general of association of Chinese food industry, 5 grain fluid many " the world the first " it is the drop that sustain with quality, if 5 grain fluid has global dimensions the biggest ferment pool, himself goes making an on-the-spot investigation, have 29882, the production that this assured wine of foundation of 5 grain fluid in the round and " actor is chosen actor " ability. A pot for steaming food of wine of evaporate of 5 grain fluid has 978, stainless steel of 5 grain fluid coal tub store the ability of wine is 300 thousand tons, this store wine ability is the whole nation the first, although be in Asian country, a few Japan, Korea states that become distillation wine, have 30 thousand tons store the enterprise of wine ability is very few.
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