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The agitate bureau of high-end liquor market person -- the high-end liquor of me
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Medium and small businesses (blame dimensions enterprise) the high-end liquor that roll out, common calls high price of a less known and inferior brand wine. Its feature is " 3 tall one low " and " 3 without one have " , specific tell even if: Difference of costly case, tall sales promotion, high price, inferior quality; Besides having a product, they run a design without the brand, extend a plan without the market, throw arrangement without capital, use guerrilla tactics, rely on to enrol business get the upper hand of, in a few zonule, rely on sales promotion of channel, terminal and relation of ground predestined relationship, maintain a bit sales volume.

The author ever made market survey in ferry of Su Na, Beijing when, discover a few in small agency, in Sichuan and other places 3, a bottle of liquor that fill of 5 yuan of money holds, pass 30, 50 yuan of one cost opening bottle with higher even bottle, sell in terminal of a few hotels 300, 400 yuan. This kind of enterprise, they do not have contribute to the market, destroy somewhat to the industry, it is the agitate bureau in the industry person.

According to not complete count, at present the whole nation is the enterprise of the target to have more than 60 with modelling high-end liquor brand, there is 400 in the high-end liquor product that runs into quotations field, 500, the high-end product that sells in the market has more than kinds 4000, as a result of liquor industry enter a doorsill low still be in with market space extend up ceaselessly, there still will be the not little person that join henceforth.