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The world of Jin Liufu of the first business selling wine buy outright manage
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20 centuries 90 time, the father Li Jianxi of Korea SamSung is when strategy of new position SamSung, have a such words: "Besides wife, everything all changes " . The SamSung after 10 years, the appreciation rate of brand value is 10.8 billion dollar, jump litre for the world the first, the whole world of the numerous product such as IC semiconductor, planar TV is banner brand.

2006, it is Chinese liquor industry grows the rapiddest brand, having the first business of Chinese selling wine say " Jin Liufu " be born 10 years. This year, 6 blessing finish gold to arrive from enterprise of line of business of Jin Liufu wine, Jin Liufu wine, Jin Liufu Huazeji's round brand fission and industrial decay. If want to ask this 10 years, what is what Jin Liufu gave Chinese liquor industry to be worth to learn most? I think, have a word only, namely " change " .

Liquor industry, why can you have " drink a brand one year " ? Perhaps say " live 10 years east, live 10 years on the west " view? I think, the problem goes the solid hand on Yu Saiwei and strategic ageing. The sea of liquor industry cleans out sand, slightly the belief of part destiny. But, commercial opportunity masters in be good at controlling metabolic hand forever. "Jin Liufu " in developing a process 10 years, I think have 3 accurate the opportunity that grasps place of liquor vicissitude of the market to bring. The first, it is to be in mix by group of 5 grain fluid because company of liquor of Fujian X sugar takes the lead in with OEM means, and caused liquor sticks card heat, found sale actively to decide the value catenary of liquor outlet; The 2nd, it is China of have the aid of male sufficient the Chinese football that enter a world cup first and causes is hot, play sports sale card opportunely, gathered brand force of Jin Liufu and appeal force quickly; The 3rd, be 2005 because of " wine of Guizhou Maotai a particular year " cause " wine of a particular year is hot " in, with the chief position of Chinese liquor king, built the value chain that enters high-grade liquor market quickly; The 4th, accompany ancient Yue Longshan entered field of yellow rice or millet wine 2007, desire the advantage position of the market of yellow rice or millet wine that race to control increases quickly. In OEM times, jin Liufu is released thoroughly with the advantage of sale of be apt to. When more and more OEM business, the product sale thinking with the tradition and the dominant channel advantage that rely on a tradition, when getting short-term benefit, jin Liufu discovers prospective liquor market will change concentration to the brand exquisitely however trend of this one change, concentration has been done " Jin Liufu " brand. When " Jin Liufu " the change that faces OEM big environment afresh like more and more OEM business (peddle with real product, agency and consumer more and more distrust) when, "Jin Liufu " it is famous famous liquor brand however. 2006, honorable " Chinese well-known logo " , mean brand fictile success. Be in at this moment, "Jin Liufu " some of be used to of line of business of face dialogue wine " more than 3, one small, one little existing state of affairs " , with " Jin Liufu " establish Hua Ze group for core, condition of business line of business cent is 4, be about to be core in order to sell Jin Liufu wine " Jin Liufu is sold " , be core in order to run wine of a particular year of 5 grain fluid " China the course of study that send wine " , in waiting with wine of in relief yeast for making hard liquor of operation Hunan cellar, Shao, Dao Lang, cheap wine is core " Jin Liufu invests " with with operation such as " ancient Yue Longshan " , " clinking Gu Fang " wait for coloured wine to be core.
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