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Guizhou Maotai: Do not dig old cellar, do not sell new wine
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1, it is to the good news of investor: 1) Maotai is age the rapid development of wine will be very affirmatory. This word fastens character of season total place, we are judged, below the premise that does not dig old cellar, of age wine can offer sale, the company is know fairly well. Maotai is age we are in the data of wine " candy bender information records - pattern of liquor industry competition is analysed (a kind of spirit distilled in Fenyang of fluid of Guizhou Maotai, 5 grain, Shanxi) " in detailed exposure passes. 2) receives funds on account to decrease major general to become beforehand inevitable, the sale that forms with receiving credit beforehand will press newest price settle accounts when carry out. The company says, receive funds on account to send wine according to old price beforehand before, already stopped this kind of practice in the round now. Agency need not make a money ahead of schedule after, plan of every months of sale is affirmatory.

2, the season total think of a way that we know is as follows, this is very helpful to our understanding company: 1) Ji Zongting cares the media of concerned company to report; 2) has acrophobia to tall wine price, can continue to carry out Maotai terminal price fixing to make, we think this is very correct; 3) thinks agency this profit margin is reasonable, because they also begin ability with respect to before two years,have profit but character. Say so, our speculation company inside this year raise price unlikelily again, the opportunity that nevertheless we still think next year Spring Festival raises price still very big, common wine raises price likely 80 yuan go to 519 yuan / bottle, this one word and photograph of company stock code close, significant to the company, and company the wine outside present plan has raised this one price by 388 yuan; Look upon of 4) special discretion runs a risk, because he has experienced 89 years, management crisis of 98 years, be prepared for danger in times of safety offers periodic view 10 years, think nowhere is not in the risk, for instance in those days policy asks wine of name of 17 names smoke do not go up mensal, must not drink midday, freezing point of false wine case, economy is a risk etc; 5) thinks prospective liquor is consumed gross drops somewhat or smooth, and the high-end wine sales volume such as Maotai can rise further, with us judgement agrees, he puts forward the space of 50 thousand tons of Maotai to say, be worth us to be proved further; 6) is accomplished stoutly " do not dig old cellar, do not sell new wine " , can say, season always is in, we are at ease to the character of Maotai; 7) group has aroma of a few kiloton alcoholic drink, breed is very mixed, the company is diagnosed think to have negative effect, future can consider clear.

3, the information data that we understand: 1)07 year Maotai radical wine 16000 tons of crop, 8 years the plan produces 18000 tons, strive for implementation 20000 tons of crop (Maotai crop amounted to 10 thousand tons of) 2003; 2) upper reaches southward 20 thousand tons of new developed area, season always this made an on-the-spot investigation again a few days ago, say Maotai company optional location has 6 levels, this place is whole be identical, also ask expert appraisal to pass, the company can do a test first in the future; 3) pays attention to environmental protection problem: The enterprise also is made energy-saving decrease a platoon, the car should stop in plant area in the future beyond, plant area uses car of environmental protection storage battery, increase afforest; 4) season always says Maotai is princely wine quality can have rise, this character means the market of series wine to will be opened further; Base of 5) organic unprocessed food grains develops a case: Produced accumulative total of base attestation area through organic food raw material 2006 180 thousand mus, crop 34 thousand tons, farmer is achieved receive 120 million yuan, increase 80 thousand mus than parting 2002, 18 thousand tons mix 65.5 million yuan, grow 80% , 115.7% with 120.2% . 6) prevents bogus technology respect: Held Maotai to prevent bogus technology to collect argumentation to meet on May 7, company of 7 technologies that prevent bogus is the same as hall show one's skill, china prevents bogus the scene of group of the expert that prevent bogus of guild is felt pulse.
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