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"Jin Liufu " buy continue to use of line of business of Yu Quan wine " Yu Quan s
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Yesterday, in the meeting that breath out be in harmony investment project autograph makes an appointment with ceremonially, rank countrywide liquor industry the Hua Ze group 3 armour, through its subordinate Jin Liufu invests a company denounce endowment 120 million yuan, bought Heilongjiang to save job of jade spring wine limited company.

Predecessor of Hua Ze group is line of business of Jin Liufu wine, year turnover 5 billion yuan of above, it is one is engaged in wine kind production, management large company group. Limited company predecessor is line of business of wine of spring of Heilongjiang province jade factory of liquor of state-operated jade spring, the wine of jade spring square bottle that its produce becomes Chinese thick sauce to hold concurrently sweet model liquor mark brand. "Jade spring wine " obtain early or late " China old name " , " national geography mark protects a product " reach " Chinese well-known logo " wait for special honour, produce per year high grade liquor nearly 10 thousand tons.

At the beginning of this year, round Jin Liufu invests Huazeji to company and line of business of jade spring wine undertake and buy a negotiation, both sides signed 120 million yuan of equity to make over framework agreement on April 9, be signed formally yesterday and buy an agreement. Buy both sides to will continue continue to use " Yu Quan square bottle " this one strong brand, brand of Hua Ze group builds have the aid of and sell the dominant position such as the network, will " jade spring wine " make northeast region brand of the first liquor.