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Brand -- the source of high-end vinous life
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Chinese wine industry was experienced 2007 relatively recessive rise in price process, its basically are behaved for the bishop of one numerous home such as Zhang Yu, new season industry tycoon comes off in succession its are low upright wine is tasted, concentrate advantage resource advocate push high-end series wine to taste. Express according to the personage inside course of study, of price of wine industry whole carry rising more is by objective industry the trend is driven. Bishop of the high end in this enough proof is in China the foreground on the market.
On respecting China market in high-end bishop nature lets a person think of to import wine. Because China is native land,this plants fixed position of vinous oneself development and bishop the oneself characteristic of exotic, market of the high end in Chinese bishop basically still is entrance vinous the world. Those who stem from pair of China markets is good anticipate, operator of numerous abroad bishop also steps the market that sufficient China remains this piece to be developed further in succession.
The report inside a course of study points out the near future, trend of prospective vinous spending is brand and taste, producing area of and rather than. Namely a brand wants to good development prospect must match again for the foundation with good quality with the brand model. Brand of bishop of Chinese market entrance is at present numerous, the trademark is well-known spend a respect to be in weak force apparently, such weak force makes each import a brand to cannot form strong brand loyalty in consumer, brand of foreign wine business is dividing the excessive fragment in numerous process to changed its to lose the power of brand sale in Chinese market.
So brand model brought up exclusive and effective ground to settle a way. Of high-end brand running is not pure support advertisement and sales promotion promotion are OK and successful, need takes the construction of brand culture seriously more, what high-end brand brings customer is high additional cost, the individual character that this kind of additional value wants to carry a brand and figure expression come out. At present operator of on the market a few red wine has realized the value of the brand, resembling is the near future is used with respect to somebody " abstruse Yun is red " , " bay Yun " the trade mark that these two names make red wine, as a result of the good meaning of brand and the origin with coming Olympic Games, aroused the strong interest of a lot of enterprises. Still have even if resembling bishop of Australia tiger card is the brand that popularize and through accepting numerous scale very wide sports models him, be in China through nearly 3 years of the market run, had established good public praise inside industry, brand influence has taken shape.
The example above showed the brand models the significant position that importing wine industry, and more and more get the attention of operator. But the characteristic that should consider oneself product when modelling company brand, and what should have oneself is Promethean, such ability show itself in numerous brand.
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