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Australia tiger bishop and China be equal to Ke Jiangjiang realizes win-win toge
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Mandela once had said " sports, have the power that changes the world! " as Beijing 2008 the drawing near of the Olympic Games, the Asia Game was held in Guangzhou 2010, future is the golden age of Chinese sports industry inside 10 years. No matter home or overseas business need sports of have the aid of,this express gains huge Chinese market.
Regard an entrance as the banner brand in bishop, since Australia tiger bishop enters Chinese market 5 years oneself, insist to undertake with unique sports sale kind the brand is popularized, and as well-known as China athletic sports trademark be equal to Ke Jiangjiang together, borrow each other situation, implementation is developed in brand promotion and market those who go up is double win.
Be equal to gram group is the athletic sports such as bag of material of shoemaking of a collect, shoe, dress, bag group of the extroversion of professional equipment equipment industry, the professional research and development that has had 18 years, make with sale experience, set a gram distribute agent in domestic and international cent at present many 50, in home each are big in the city owns 3000 many brand shop, export business pervades Europe, beautiful, inferior, blame, bay 5 continent. From the beginning that build a plant, be equal to the gram is made with respect to aspire " Chinese basketball equips the first brand " , regard transmission as masterstroke with sale of basketball match sports, start 5 years " brand internationalization " the strategy, through sponsorring Sitankeweiji cup of championship of cup intercontinental basketball, Europe stars contest, United States rests completely team of Si Duihuo arrow advocate, the multinomial international match such as team of basketball of Australian country men and women, be equal to the gram establishs a top-ranking international sports brand successfully figure. Wrapped around personally 6 years in September female Lan Yong seizes the Australia of a gown that overcome battle world bright and beautiful surpasses champion, reveal a gram success on sports sale. Through needing the brand sale of dissimilation, be equal to the promotion of the sale growth that restrains a success to harvest brand force place to bring and brand value.
The banner that coming from Australia to install the Australia tiger bishop of the entrance formerly is limited company of investment of Australia tiger international issues a brand, this company devotes oneself to sports industry for a long time, by right of in be opposite bay the understanding of the respect such as two countries politics, economy, sports is familiar reach resource dominant position, ever organized ran sports of nearly 100 international to communicate a project, the coronal name that Australia tiger company is club of basketball of tiger of Australia of Melbourne of champion of league matches of 2006-2008 year Australia sponsor, the star of team of basketball of Australian country men and women and club of basketball of tiger of Australia of Australia champion Melbourne is Australia tiger vinous figure spokesman. 5 years this company runs brand of Chinese famous motion successfully be equal to team of basketball of country of men and women of gram assistance Australia and team of basketball of Melbourne Australia tiger, the national group that invites a foreign country first draped Chinese battle gown, also from this China of become attached to be equal to gram, establish long-term strategic partner relationship with its. The coronal name that Australia tiger bishop is team of basketball of Melbourne Australia tiger sponsor, china be equal to the strategic equipment supplier that the gram is Australia tiger team, so close collaboration relationship makes they always are followed like the shadow row. Be in China every year by right of Australia tiger team 25 itinerate match is passed in the center of 5 reach the kind that saves TV station hookup each, australia tiger bishop is opened quickly famous degree, march successfully thereby Chinese market, a gram also more establish the lead position that sheds international sports brand firstly. In a few years after this, australia tiger and be equal to the gram is run jointly hand in hand participated in internationally the race is close 100, involve basketball, football this two get the sports project with numerous the widest range greatly, on competition ground people often can see Australia player body wraps around not only the battle gown that takes Chinese of a gram mark and wine of Australia Hu Gong gallops competition ground, also can see Australia tiger bishop and China at the same time be equal to the setting that gram billboard compares a shoulder and stands.
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