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Agency of 2008 new provision (Hua Na) forum Shenzhen is held
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On June 3, new provision agency (Hua Na) forum is held in Guangzhou Hua Taibin house, mr Wang Dehui makes general manager of limited company of plan of sale of Shenzhen city wisdom heart, politic chief inspector attend this second meeting on invitation for honored guest of give a lecture. Mr Wang Dehui is aimed at Chinese bishop on forum the development trend 2008 was done " change of Chinese wine line of business, fission and fusion " the theme makes a speech.   

Hua Na area regards China as wine kind the area with the mainest consumption, the market appears a category much, the characteristic that high end changes. Join meeting personnel this to include the agency of mainstream wine water such as Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, Hainan 500 much people.   

This forum by new season bishop coronal name, got Guangdong saves wine kind the main support that association of trade of monopolistic bureau, wine organizes. Through " instructor is united in wedlock " , " the meeting that taste ancient bronze mirror " , " action chamber of commerce " wait for means, on the base that there already was advantage resource in conformity, invite expert think tank to undertake to the industry sale strategy is analysed, original understanding pushs forum to the climax.