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Wine Maotai abandons the state again 31.7 million after be being used at calamit
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On May 12, local shake disaster happens, maotai is in make response for a short while, the group leads the same night to consider how to boost disaster area, made contribute money the following day the decision of 5 million, make wine kind first is disaster area contribution enterprise in the industry. Nowadays, rescuing job is close already end, maotai contributes his force to rebuild after calamity again.

On June 6, taking the affectionate kindness with nearly 10 thousand strong staff, liu Heming of chairman of vice secretary of Party committee of company of Guizhou Maotai group, union, the group such as boat of fourth moral character of group company director, vise general manager saves charity of civil administration hall, Sichuan to always be met to Sichuan contribution thirty-one million seven hundred and seventeen thousand yuan. As we have learned, up to now, maotai accumulative total already amounted to thirty-six million seven hundred and seventeen thousand one hundred yuan to disaster area contribution. Before this on May 13, seismic disaster happens the following day, country wine Maotai is rapid make reaction contribute money 5 million yuan. This is since 5.12 earthquakes, maotai donates the money of the 2nd be apt to that give to disaster area. Also be Sichuan alcoholic drink is gotten till disaster area is current kind the brushstroke contribution with maximum industry.

Afternoon at 3 o'clock, simple donation was held before Sichuan saves building of office of civil administration hall ceremony. Sichuan saves vice-chairman of comfort of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, sichuan saves civil administration hall to the relevant leader such as long, old secretary attended high deputy office to donate a ceremony and express deep acknowledgment to a righteous act undertaken for the public good of Maotai.