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Sort of course of study will overturn beer to come again
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Last week, gas jump with liquid gas litre to the rank head of a list of names posted up, recreational articles for use, produce (000061, ) the rank distributes a line last week the 2nd, the 3rd, recreational articles for use relatively rise last week 2. The first do poineering work express, value liquefied natural gas and perspective of future of liquefied petroleum gas. Advocate because be, demand of liquefied natural gas increases quickly, 20 years demand of Chinese natural gas will achieve future two hundred and twenty-seven billion five hundred and forty million stere / year - two hundred and ninety-six billion five hundred and forty million stere / year.

Rank of medical treatment equipment rises considerably last week, by before the 16th of week rises the 7th of consummate week. Central Plains negotiable securities points out, the government is purchased centrally cause an industry to shuffle necessarily, the market share of industry bibcock enterprise escalate. Telegraphic last week equipment is ranked relatively before week is forward promotion comes 10 times this week the 28th. Golden company shows in, telegraphic equipment industry will enter cycle of a paragraph of boom, telegraphic equipment board piece 2008 hopeful runs win grail.

Beer rank drops considerably last week, by before the 9th of week falls 20 of consummate week. On July 14, in be as long as after the rich of two many months weichis, 100 power beer a form of address formally used by an employee to his employer or a tenant-peasant to his landlord -- , the United States is the biggest beer company An Haisi - cloth assorted company, agree to accept group of beer of Belgian Ying Bo of every 70 dollars buy offer, value of aggregate capital stock 52 billion dollar. Big negotiable securities thinks, buy this after finishing, this two big beer tycoons of group of flower rich beer and AB company comprise " Yingboanhaisi - Bushenji is round " will make the world company of the biggest beer, the beer market of global 1/4 will be controlled it is under new company. Buy this mean global beer pattern to be adapted, the sort of Chinese beer industry will be overturned come again, domestic beer industry shuffles aggravate. Buy this after finishing, ying Bo got not only 100 power brand, still will control Harbin beer through AB company, have Qingdao beer secondhand (600600, ) 27% equity, hopeful becomes eldest child of domestic beer industry. At present Chinese beer produces per year the business that estimates 200 thousand tons of above only 18, occupy the 1/3 of countrywide beer total output. They think, reshuffle, market competition can turn white-hot.

A month will rank the industry that rises continuously to still have: Product of oil exploitation, semiconductor, meal, tap water.