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Liquor industry: After rising in price how before row
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Go up, go up, still go up, not only the taste of the vision of exciting person is exciting still person, more test is worn the pocket of people. The game that a few not be water of Mao Wujian nation any more old man rise in price in light of really liquor industry, had been the collective action of whole industry. See them the normal reaction that rising in price also is the market while reason is helpless, 5 grain fluid is " rise according to prices reason " the big trend that complied with Chinese prices, terminal is retail 38 degrees 518 yuan, 52 degrees 618 yuan, many areas are retail exceeding cellar of country of; of this proposal value is " the too rapid growth that controls sales volume through raising price, maintain high-end image " , sound seeming is not combine feeling so very much, seem to have a place again reasonable, use every bottles 60 yuan carry valence to you can maintain high-end image really? ; Sword Na Chun still carries out him from beginning to end " trot steadily " the price is politic, go up a 40-60 yuan, rise in price reason " all sorts of cost rise, cost of labour and capital promotes " , of apparent sword Na Chun rise in price reason should be rational has according to, simple and unadorned; The price of Maotai also had those who differ to rise, it is lance old appears only have low-key, decorous. Exceed price of high end, high end to go up ceaselessly raise, pyramid is more and more pointed, had been the fact of ceaseless development, want strong from beginning to end, the price still can vie ceaselessly, go up ceaselessly raise.

Intermediate liquor, especially wine price also is in area name to promote ceaselessly, wine of second line name rises in price range is more distinct, but the form is not hopeful, increasingly rational consumer not very acknowledge the superiority or seniority of, to renown wine long for had risen to value orientaton, if why the price is equal at value it is the difficult problem that is placed in second line name to wine should be solved and persuade customer. The day is the most uneasy in wanting number cheap liquor, go up very small very small, force of brand pulling force, brand, capital, channel is being restricted entirely in of cheap wine rise in price space, if complying with popularity " rising in price is court death, rising in price is to wait dead " .

Rise in price not desirable, wine of low Duan Bai is forced to seek an issue in oneself in that, on managing cost and sale make an issue of.

Dig go reduce cost: It is to purchasing cost of raw material, operation to go up to dig enterprise oneself latent capacity greatly, increase an unit efficiency and reduce operation cost reasonably.

The 2nd it is to want leave no stone unturned to have cost of terminal of sale innovation, bring down, can use method: 1) consider overall situation a dish of chess. Sale policy whole nation all the time, the enterprise should unite investment, do not each does things in his own way. The investment of the enterprise often can be sale branch to level in the process that enter store road perhaps spreads out the low fare that enter store. Advertisement, intermediary is for instance devoted, improve negotiation weight used on a balance, the ad demand support that reduces an agent. 2) beautiful penny handles a major issue. Will finite charge undertakes the most effective use, after the cost that enter store and pay of sales promotion cost, want whole side to promote devoted utilization rate. 3) squeeze a water in sponge. The cost entering store of a lot of terminal, sales promotion expenses often stays bouncy, the manufacturer should dig this part flexibility adequately, increase negotiation capacity, undertake the client serves effectively, utmost favourable geographical position uses concern sale, can reduce terminal investment effectively. 4) with Rou Kegang, tender one knife. With " affection card " aggrandizement channel management, the personnel that main link is in charge of in allowing medium of communication to the greastest extent works according to the apiration of the manufacturer. The decision-making to terminal layer, manager that purchases a ministry must spread out public relations, adopt proper method, hit opportunely " affection card " , draw close them ceaselessly to the manufacturer by terminal. 5) dimensional changeover, collaborate from within with forces from outside. This action basically is the channel sale that encourages business development to differ, as a result of the charge inside the factory climb litre, a lot of jobs can be put outside carry out field to undertake. 6) many leg walks. The enterprise should transform run mode, can seek sometimes get offline agency. Major agency often a lot of products sell the hold in the hand, and have the effective method that copes with terminal severally, make afore-mentioned terminal control by agency management, can reduce risk and cost.
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