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Shen Yi square: Chinese liquor innovation is an outlet
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Chinese northward sauce is sweet classical " Beijing University storehouse " wine tastes ancient bronze mirror to be able to go up, shen Yi of famous liquor expert just is opposite sweet wine of sauce of storehouse of Beijing University of grain of 32 degrees of countries gave height the opinion, say this is sweet to sauce model an innovation is for liquor.

Shen Yi just says, through the ablution of the market, 3 big sweet model in clear, thick, sauce, sauce sweet enterprise is very few, and have sweet model typical delegate, beijing University storehouse produces the case with very high cost to fall in sauce sweet wine, can insist to produce sauce sweet wine ceaselessly, learning classical base, be broken through somewhat on degree and mouthfeel and innovate, deserve study of wine industry company.

Shen Yi just says, come for years, association of trade of Heilongjiang province wine guides this to save liquor company to devote oneself to liquor to fall all the time degree of job, this kind of innovation catered to international to consume tide already, also accord with Chinese current liquor to consume vogue. Current, the youth is in more evening show is drinkable cocktail, the mainstream that should strive for liquor of China of this group of future consumes a group, must take conventional technology and the approach that modern technology photograph combines, undertake innovating on the base that retains inherent characteristic on taste.

Shen Yi just says, in liquor practice, a lot of new technologies and new product, often out at medium and small businesses is not a brewery, the key depends on these enterprise train of thought widening, not conservative, easy innovation.

To liquor state commissioner, shen Yi just put forward innovation to ask likewise. He says, should make the market model liquor commissioner, be about to contact the market more, be united in wedlock with market demand bearing; Want to contact a product more, make liquor mouthfeel more consumer of press close to; Want the need according to the market, will promote a country to criticize the standard judging wine of wine committee member, the mouthfeel that uses consumer demand will satisfy the need of the market ceaselessly.