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Flexible language of wine water company publicizes skill
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What skill does conduct propaganda of writing of flexible language of wine water company, flexible language have? Let sale of Beijing Fang Dezhi estate seek advice from sale of company actual combat to seek advice from a teacher to tell you.

1, had made plan of flexible language ad ahead of schedule

Flexible language advertisement is the incorporate of advertisement target soft culture, and advertisement is brand target and the product that sell target advertisement to change, what should achieve finally is construction figure and the end that get profit, accordingly, flexible language advertisement also should abide by plan, organization, carry out, the amendatory operates the rule.

Flexible language advertising plans to result from the advertisement of the enterprise is politic, be good at operating the business that company of flexible language advertising is strategy of special be particular about mostly, also be essence of life the enterprise at low cost operation, but the business that rely on flexible language advertisement and grows quickly is not much, why? Because most business did not make flexible language ad good ahead of schedule,plan. Flexible language advertisement plans the foundation that is operation of flexible language advertisement.

2, draft caption of a news to flexible language

Releasing flexible language advertisement is the demand of the enterprise, no more than is to should achieve a brand to publicize target or product to sell an end, but the demand that the reader should consider above all when writing flexible language ad.

advertisement of whole flexible language, caption is just like " face " same, whether the look that attracts a reader relies on it completely. Of course, drawing a look merely is insufficient, caption still should let a reader one's mind disturbed, arise " let my look look " desire.

" the mankind why immortal not old? " , " does man popularity draw eyebrow? " , " the price that protect liver is too high, how does the citizen do? " , " have can you make person ' float ' the wine that rise? " ... as outstanding as these caption, not only once be the rage, and? Nowadays remain fresh in one's memory, why? Because of it not only elephantine news caption, compare the news caption at that time even more absorbing. ? Exemple: " boat of aerospace medicine god wakes up the world 3 numbers " , this is divine boat before 5 blast off, with " China business signs up for " news " divine boat predicts 5 numbers to enter the space today " the be prosperous brilliance that same layout releases " divine boat 3 " advertisement of flexible language of fluid of profess to convinced. Before this " does divine boat pack what herb in 3 calabash? " , " aerospace bacterium is planted shake China " , " boat of god of accurate word of traditional Chinese medicine 3 horizontal sky are born " , " treat a disease essence of human body of revolutionary breakthrough give somebody a new lease on life enrages mechanism magical " , " aerospace biology medicines and chemical reagents hits the mankind 3 big dense, resembling news is not news, not be news resembles news again, advertisement effect is first-rate, most person reads his when news with pleasure.
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