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Network sale: Be no good forcedly? Come soft!
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Portal website advertisement, search engine to rank, website alliance advertisement, software shoots window ad, inside article advertisement, narrow accuse... pattern is various, these our unified advertisement call a network " good advertisement " .

Advertisement of too much network is full of eyeball, calculate very beautiful Flash animation or video advertisement, the netizen also has a place to this already " aesthetic exhaustion " . Besides higher and higher network advertising cost also lets more enterprises flinch! " tender " the advertisement means of a bit, bit cheaper advertisement way, let suffer numerous reading rich Internet content news while, enjoy comfortable with quiet? The answer is affirmative: Have! That is sale of network flexible language.

What is sale of Internet flexible language?

Just as its name implies, it is opposite at rigid advertisement character, will be in charge of the literal advertisement of compose by the public relations personnel of the market of the enterprise. Compare with good advertisement photograph, soft Wen Zhi is called flexible language so, the point with fine essence depends on a soft word, the spreads easily way of recombine Internet. The needle hides in seem cotton, close and do not show, gram enemy at aeriform. When when you discover this is a flexible language, you are already cold do not stare at dropped the trap of flexible language advertisement that is crossed by elaborate design. What it goes after is the transmission effect with silent other people of a kind of salutary influence of education, benefit.

So how had made flexible language sale? Do sale of good network flexible language to want to remember the following at 6 o'clock:

1, it is advertisement constitutionally

-- pursuit low cost and efficient redound, do not want the inherent quality of evasive commerce.

2, camouflage form is idea of news information, government, company culture, documentation of technology, skill, all literal resource such as the comment, game that contains literal element.

-- make suffer numerous " the key point is weak " (only eye is stationed in stayed, wandered, just have an opportunity)

3, the tenet is production accredit

-- make suffer numerous " softhearted " (believe you only, ability can put into practice)

4, crucial requirement is sell a dot to say clearly the product lucid

-- make suffer numerous " the head is soft " (had impression, it is clear to understand even, otherwise of brain or hard rat-tat rat-tat)

5, exert oneself dot is interest and interest

-- make suffer numerous " the mouth is soft " (the be irresolute when firmness is needed of home of make things difficult for others, the mouth that has a family is soft)

6, main character yes public praise transmits a gender

-- make suffer numerous " ear is soft " (the friend recommends, be willing to listen attentively to more)

So how to dig news to nod from inside the enterprise? Dig the news feature of flexible language sale, no more than is the following respects:
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