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The meal channel sale of liquor company is politic: Linden of Tuan magpie Da
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One, the hotel investigation of hypothesis competitor salable production

The author puts forward choose two competitors to cut a point with the price, had better be him prep above a of product price, a under him price. The method is as follows:

Personnel of A, service questions a method

Visit the clerk of the hotel directly, what brand is sold quickly inside the price limits that enquires you assume, and circumstance of sales promotion of concerned form a complete set, such as reclaims cap, give gift to wait. Order a stage to have fixity as a result of the clerk of most hotel however, each clerks are right at the same time the faithful target of the brand endless and identical, listen to the demit of the clerk's one side only, probable meeting reachs a blind person feels elephantine conclusion, and the message that place of stage young lady masters is more overall. Want to notice nevertheless, because a lot of liquor companies take the public relations of pair of terminal consumer seriously very much, they strive for a gleam of directly mostly " sales promotion member " -- hotel clerk. Because the investigation content of this pair of clerks wants to be given priority to with sales promotion method, right clerk and stage young lady two-way inquiry just can reach more overall message. Carry an inquiry merely however, mix into of hard to avoid has moisture content, so the investigates confirm each other method that is about to have corresponding form a complete set.

Product of B, bar puts the position to watch a way

According to author observation, almost all in high-grade hotel, those who carry product of the liquor on its wine ark put, can conclude the position that gives nowadays salable production reachs concerned information: Famous brand product if Na Chun of fluid of Maotai, 5 grain, sword put in bar commonly, the prominent place above head of stage young lady, if do not have these 3 famous brand, so what this position puts is card of best selling goods, basis famous brand is spent ordinal for right of intermediate → left → . Another kind of circumstance, if cogongrass, 5, 3 famous brand held the sword these 3 positions, and you investigate not be them, need a of below to see its only among, left and right went, result as above. So called of course in the left and right sides is of relative to character, wanting those who see you investigate is why to be planted the liquor of the type. If be the product that special rule capacity packages, won't place in above position, even if be salable production, what also can be put in bar is left next horn or right next horn, like 100? The Beijing a strong spirit usu. made from sorghum that Ml installs.

C. Packing scale mensuration

Inside the hotel, find the place that deposits liquor packing, have classify check the amount to bottle, cap, box. But should have a choice, the competitor that assumes so according to the enterprise namely and right after stage young lady enquires integrated, the packing real number that uses check the amount and scale undertake checking. Generally speaking, the conclusion error that box of wine of check the amount or cap reach is bigger, and bottle because its are incompressible solid volume of the gender is larger, not easy at prediction of a person's luck in a given year and often put centrally, accuracy rate of bottle of check the amount is so higher.
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