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Will wine wine cellar affect whole industry development?
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As the day of wine industry profit grows, the professional figure of bishop company and professional service left deep impression to broad consumer, and the form a complete set of whole industry serves bishop to still remain to rise.

The design of wine wine cellar has become an artistic knowledge in abroad, had entered home of common common people as vinous promotion, and the wine wine cellar of our home or a professional concept, it is the proper-noun of company of wine make wine. Mention wine market to breed all the time, conduct propaganda of knowledge of bishop culture promotion, bishop, and its can be the carrier of have the aid of, true what consume close connection daily with consumer family is wine wine cellar enters an innumberable families.

Although be the profit drop that decorates a company,the design of wine cellar is made, but regard bishop as the enterprise, if want to drive domestic spending, must try every means promotes the wine cellar development in home. Believe wine wine cellar serves as high-end estate and high-end illuminative to accuse begging also will be a window, if try to very good market is bred and be publicized, also can become sell a site greatly.

Bishop consumes the daily demand that has made high-end crowd, especially of ability of appreciate of the promotion as bishop knowledge, bishop rise, people more and more the importance of the Yu Jiankang that realises bishop and status position and symbolistic. Consume in domestic high end group in wine wine cellar had formed particular market demand, right now, if bishop company undertakes certain guiding, estate and adornment company undertake be mixinged correctly trying rationally, a new estate sells bit of affirmative meeting to get showing.

Of an industry flourishing and inevitable have its the foil of whole industry catenary, upriver product is again good, downstream service facilities cannot catch up with in time, the upper reaches to be eager to expanding is a kind of disaster for the enterprise. But this kind of disaster won't last too long, because of the development as upriver enterprise, be improved of upriver product increasingly and popularize, people is right the demand of upriver product - global brand net - grow increasingly. The consumer that this is upriver product is met naturally particular to downstream product generation demand, this demand cannot get contented meeting for a long time to produce the market effect of a kind of enlarge, serve as downstream service industry at this moment with respect to of course see business chance.

Of course, for the industry that serves as a boom, the development of each link must have industrial catenary the company with a strong desire will undertake. The company that combines other link grows can yet be regarded as jointly a more efficient and feasible means.

Wine wine cellar serves as consumer store wine facilities, will go to the lavatory consumer undertakes vinous is collected with the deposit, can have the promotion of bishop culture on the other hand, return the thorough conduct propaganda that can have bishop knowledge, still reflected the dignitary status of consumer finally.
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