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Bottle keep in storage initiates the case study of content of liquor solid form
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One, cause by container of keep in storage. Inside the container that liquor store makes in iron, because immerse for long, pig blood papers the iron that make to make container part covering layer fall off, iron sheet is shown outside, iron ion dissolve in wine, have reaction easily with material of the acid in wine, generate molysite. In the meantime, diatomic iron ion is oxidized by the oxygen in air, can generate precipitation of tervalent iron compound, make content of liquor solid form exceeds bid.

2, cause by bottle sanitation and filter aid, in the working procedure that pack, new bottle wall often is put leave many silicate kind. After washing jar, the water inside bottle accuses ungodliness or new bottle did not wash rinse, rush with clear water only, make easily bottle wall silicate kind in entering wine, classics is reductive make 2 oxidation silicon, it is porous material, the area that compare a list is large, absorption affinity is strong. If wash bottle of off quality that use water, average bottle accuses endless and in-house water, put at least inside bottle take 2ml water, this also is a cause that causes solid form content to exceed bid. When liquor uses diatomite filter to filter, can differ because of diatomite of its filter aid batch or producing area, make filter the effect suffers an effect, or because use undeserved, pine of filter cloth leakage, filter disc, also can cause solid form content to exceed bid.

3, time of keep in storage is short cause. The keep in storage of liquor period have certain time restriction, the keep in storage after the keep in storage before period cent is tasted for Gou Duicheng and Gou Duicheng taste liquor store. Especially busy season, because time is close, the task is heavy, sometimes short of keep in storage period requirement. Tick off wine of exchange good finished product commonly period of keep in storage asks 7 days above, some time are short, need only 4 - pack between 5 climate, this causes the conclude between the element inside wine to close reach oxidation is reductive etc response is insufficient, make wine middle reaches leaves corporeal union less, a few sedimentary still do not have complete precipitation to come down, the generation after period of time is being passed after bottle precipitates, cause solid form content to exceed bid.