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Compete: Chinese vinous competition ability is analysed
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Is wine industry of China how current situation of a competition ability? The author tries to face this to do from the following in order to discuss.

The berth that bishop is China will taste. Although since a century, development of wine line of business is rapid, and already also formed brand of a few big powerful oligarch in home market, but, face global international market, wine line of business of China still is only not powerful individual, accordingly, if wine industry of China thinks the base oneself upon in the economic tide in unifinication of prospective whole world, must want to have the unique competition ability that belongs to oneself. So, is wine industry of China how current situation of a competition ability? The author tries to face this to do from the following in order to discuss.

One, the force that the market exists

Quantitative change produces qualitative change. Tend in the product coessential below the environment that change, the force that fight goes depends on the breakthrough of the quantity. From Chinese vinous macroscopical angle, the integral competition actual strength that its can share an international market to compete originates necessarily the foundation of the scale power that exists in its market.

Chinese grape cultivates area world the first, brew grape area also occupies front row. 2005, viticultural gross area makes an appointment with brew 46.6 1000 hectare, result garden area makes an appointment with 34.3 1000 hectare, total output makes an appointment with 480 thousand tons or so. Develop a program according to national grape, bishop, to 2010 countrywide brew grape cultivates an area to will amount to 66.67 1000 hectare, will amount to 100 1000 hectare 2015.

2005 crop of our country bishop 434 thousand kiloliter, sales revenue breaks through 10 billion yuan to close greatly first, achieve 10.23 billion yuan; Bishop total output amounted to four hundred and ninety-five thousand one hundred kiloliter 2006, sales revenue 12.95 billion; Crop was six hundred and sixty-five thousand one hundred kiloliter 2007, sales revenue achieves 14.68 billion yuan. Year increase rate all is in world top level.

2007, industry of alive bound wine in the sale amount of 100 billion dollar, consumptive gross of China held larger proportion first, current, france and Italy are the biggest wine consumption country on the world, have world wine market respectively 12.7% with the portion of 12.6% . It is the United States ever since (11.1%) , Germany (10.3%) , England (5.4%) , Argentine, Spain, Russia, Romania and China (2.2% ) .

In addition, enterprise dimensions and amount expand ceaselessly, brand amount year after year increases.

Chinese bishop begins to there already were 100 old histories now from the first industrialized brewery, nearly 20 years of development are most swift and violent. According to statistic, our country shows many 500 to already bishop produces a business, formed the company of brand of a gleam of that is bibcock with Zhang Yu, Great Wall, dynasty, power dragon; With Yunnan He Lan hill, northeast connects Mo Gao of bumper harvest of red, Hua Dong, Long Hui, Beijing, Gansu Province, Ningxia change new season of share, long Bai Shan, Xinjiang to wait for the enterprise of second line brand that give priority to, they are in produce can, it is mature that the respect such as technology, equipment already tended; Additionally numerous wine business basically also had international quality level, passed attestation, the Chang Li of the Yantai that formed Shandong, a fabled abode of immortals, Heibei, bosom comes, connect northeastly change, the brand group of area of ancient course of northwest Gansu Province, Ningxia, Xinjiang, Yellow River and southwest. And the business that pursues bishop sale is more, include to import enterprise of bishop representative distribute among them, both sides of produce and sale cultivates the market jointly. Refine manufacturing company to miniature essence from business of wholesale industrialized type of production, from the whole nation the representative is sold to terminal to area distribute, already formed complete and huge industry system.
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