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"12 city of Guangdong " wine kind the market is summed up (one)
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Guangdong visits the principal port that is our country foreign trade and rural area of famous live abroad, also be the window of reforming and opening, have the culture austral the most flourishing commercial port and characteristic mountain not only, and also be one of Chinese banking centers.

Regard countrywide economy as the Guangdong of big province, frequent to diplomatic shedding, hobo and ab extra population are numerous, market height is open and include the gender is good, any brand has development opportunity. According to not complete count, guangdong saved market wine 2007 kind total sales is 200-300 about 100 million yuan, occupy 1/10 above of the whole nation, the cogongrass before ranking.

Guangdong wine city is current the current situation and characteristic: Area difference is narrow the market is neat and; Wine kind breed abounds a choice multivariate; High-end profit takes the main aspect, in low carry general collect masses; Channel fractionize begins to form.

Guangdong each wine plants competition develops a condition: Liquor is high-grade take sale main aspect, block in stick a card to be in the majority; Bishop buys on sb's behalf sell goods on a commission basis turn to the sale that stick a card; Entrance firewater ascendant force is powerful; Landed wine rises abruptly ceaselessly.

Guangzhou wine city is summarized

Guangzhou is the 3rd big city of Chinese, border HongKong and Macow, be located in bead three-cornered center, economic comprehensive strength ranks the 3 armour of countrywide main city, it is the commercial port with Chinese principal south and traffic hub and haven city.

Come from inland of each province area of all kinds the person that be in business to be versed in with Wu, the come-and-go personage of the respect such as the economy that has numerous abroad and area of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan more, culture and politics, drove the communication of the respect such as Guangzhou and domestic and international economy, culture not only, the wine that also drove Guangzhou area at the same time kind the flying development of the market and prosperity. At present Guangzhou wine kind consume gross 58 100 million the left and right sides.

Because be in the forward position that reachs foreign trade littoral for a long time, make Guangzhou is spent to the acceptance of new thing should fast at other congener area, make Guangzhou market is having very tall include quality. The diversity that consumes group composition as Guangzhou is same, guangzhou wine city also presents diversity and diversity. Guangzhou made a batch of famous wine kind brand, not little brand is to move toward countrywide market from here.

Shenzhen wine city is summarized

Shenzhen serves as the n of the earliest special economic zone and reforming and opening, urban socioeconomy is active, force of consumption of government affairs, business affairs is powerful, consumptive group is stable, consumptive group middle class is annual increase sharply, fortune expands, brand consciousness increases, consumption is spent centrally taller and taller; Market potential vacuum is giant, wine kind the market year sale is in 5.5 billion yuan of above, and liquor, bishop, foreign wine (firewater) wait for integral posture to still be in ascendant cycle.
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