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"12 city of Guangdong " wine kind the market is summed up (2)
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Fosan wine city is summarized

The south in province of Guangdong of Buddha country place, annual wine kind commodity sale amount is controlled 4.5 billion yuan, among them liquor kind about 3.2 billion yuan. Intermediate liquor is Fosan wine kind the main force of the market, in light of the case that sells from the market, its market share was held 5 into above. Because be located in southwest of city of provincial capital Guangzhou to carry, agelong since it is Guangdong even Hua Na's wine kind one of current centers, especially another name for Guangdong Province east, another name for Guangdong Province the wine that partial city county waits for on the west kind commodity purchases a center.

At present Fosan mainstream channel still is meal, have near the wine of the half kind commodity is consumed in meal channel, and major meal terminal is do not collect fee entering the arena, but opposite to the requirement of the brand taller, usually, enter not well-known trademark newly to be about to garrison meal terminal, difficulty is greater. Suffer historical reason effect, big current also be Fosan wine city's relatively active channel, already dealt with wine kind the shopkeeper of retail licence amounts to 17000, enclothed whole Fosan 5 large areas, calculate according to local wine business, the wine water that has near 20% is to pass smoke wine to sell customer directly all right.

City of benefit city wine is summarized

Benefit state city is located in Guangdong to save southeast ministry, Na Linna Hai Daya bay, border Guangzhou, Dongguan, Shenzhen, Hong Kong. According to estimation, size of market of water of wine of benefit state city has 2 billion yuan or so about. Benefit city is the heaven of foreign wine. As ceaseless development of economy, people living standard gets rising, luxury has formed a bigger market in the consumption of benefit city, foreign liquor consumption had held benefit city liquor kind the market the portion of near 70% . The consumptive group of benefit city foreign wine is expanding ceaselessly, had become public spending. At present the sale network of foreign wine had enclothed meal, business to exceed and nocturnal inn. In benefit city market, foreign wine is depending on image of brand of its high quality scales and fashionable element to pounding the market share of brand of domestic white spirit just about.

City of Shan head wine is summarized

Shan head city is located in Guangdong to save the eastpart part, have " Huana's communications center, another name for Guangdong Province the portal east " good name. Shan head is having solid trade inside information, ever had on the history " 100 hold commercial port " beautiful praise, as one of 5 old special economic zones that our country takes the lead in opening to the outside world, via trade prosperity develops, bishop consumption level is higher, be affected at the same time because of its by ab extra element, have the foreign liquor consumption of larger portion, present a specializationed trend gradually in terminal consumption place, still producing the effect of foreign wine distribution centre. End at present, shan head wine kind retail business many 3000, experience city brand 7000 many, annual wine kind commodity sale amount is controlled 1.8 billion yuan.
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