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Of the market change: Enlarge of embattle of arms of platoon of beer tycoon whol
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"Gold market " scene no longer how is gain lost?

Where to go getting profit of high specified number?

Be in " competition " still be market main trend, "Outspread " in depending on the industry atmosphere that is the first keyword, although be merely,compare with the photograph 3 years ago, it is more and more difficult also to answer this question. Inside 3 years, a lot of once " gold market " becoming brutaller and brutaller.

Guangdong, Su Zhe and Shaanxi

Look above all once the most dazzling Guangdong market.

"Ton of wine profit of Guangdong market is good. " 2005, president of company of a famous beer of Guangdong is right " daily of the first finance and economics " express, appearing in mood proud, profit is in ton of wine of Guangdong at that time countrywide platoon is in the 2nd, the Hua Na market that gives priority to with Guangdong ever was the whole nation make an industry yearning most " gold market " , common beer the 3 prices to 4 yuan, let a lot of northerly consumer surprised unceasingly: The product that northeast market controls 1 yuan is not rarely seen, the price after retreating bottle even has money of a few wool only; The market such as Beijing also is 1.5 yuan, 2 yuan product holds the mainstream.

Just in those day, course of study of tall monitor of area of AB big China benevolence right " daily of the first finance and economics " say, guangdong market gain will glide badly. The market subsequently development posture, by his misfortune call the turn.

What Guangdong saved beer industry 2005 is average ton profit amounts to 226 yuan, 300 yuan of above are achieved even before 2005, can reduce 180 yuan 2006, reduced 99 yuan 2007. "Newest now statistic number has not come out, profit is first quarter this year 3000 much, the corresponding period was last year 60 million. " Guangdong saves wine kind Guo Yingxin represents the president of an association or society of guild beer branch, this will mean Guangdong ton wine profit may have lain under countrywide mean line. China is fed assist Du Futai of director of beer major council expresses, 2007 the whole nation ton wine profit is in 100 multivariate.

Guangdong market is to disappear the most complete " gold market " . In those days as similar as Guangdong market phase, and other places of Jiangsu, Zhejiang also is the market with beer higher price, profit is relatively rich and generous also.

"These local profit also begin to glide. " Yan Zhimin of personage of beer industry analysis is right " daily of the first finance and economics " express, although beer price was not reduced, but all sorts of sale cost begin to rise considerably however. "Profit is not high, " one high level expresses Jiangsu millionaire beer, "The day is uneasy. " data shows, this year 1 to May, profit of Jiangsu beer industry decreases 37.6% . In the meantime, zhejiang market also lies glide in. According to data of association of Zhejiang beer industry, 2007 1 to in May, total of profit of company of Zhejiang gain beer grows 2.19% only compared to the same period only, total of deficit company loss increases compared to the same period 74.69% . 2006 first half of the year ton liquor tax benefit is 413.51 yuan, drop compared to the same period 7.08 % , beer is high tax negative industry, eliminate duty loses the profit that leave to will sell at a discount greatly.
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