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Beer company focus opens dozen of community to contend for battle downward
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Of sale change, manufacturer consider and consumer shake handshandle

Bian Changyong

The situation that beer company faces is: Be no good without channel, but only channel also is no good, the enterprise should be in consumer acknowledge and time of more of choice preference fluctuation, undertake be communicationed often with consumer, rely on channel to be not done apparently to this only

Nowadays, the Beijing war of 3 tycoons of Yan Jing, green Pi, snowflake already was done not have " saliva battles " .

And in the initial stage that attacks Beijing field when youthful Pi, snowflake, of 3 tycoons " of talking around contend for " intense rate is not defeated by the tussle at market level. But, silent Beijing market does not mean competitive alleviation, the flames of war of community activity exuberant combustion.

Community activity is popular

According to " daily of the first finance and economics " control data, only activity of community of Beijing of green 2006 Pi exceeds 3000, achieved 1500 2005; Arrived in May 2006 in September, yan Jing also is in Beijing 50 many large community hold 8 old the city zone community activity; Snowflake enters Beijing to express to be able to do the work of a lot of community.

Activity of sale of so large-scale community, happen in Beijing beer market or first time.

Attack in beer in preventing war, channel fortify is considered as one of the keenest weapons, be in before domestic and international take turns of each beer tycoon " aggression " in the process of Beijing field, yan Jing accuses to let adversary be defeated in succession to the firmly palm of agency natural resources below blast come. After green 2005 Pi enters terminal through establishing channel oneself, yanjing changes quickly blast, strengthened terminal palm to accuse further, increase enter Beijing field difficulty. But, "If built the faithfulness of consumer to spend, the action of channel problem can be changed infirmly " , a trade public figure that is not willing to disclose a full name expresses to our newspaper reporter, because the demand of consumer can drive terminal, terminal can drive dealer again, this scorns agency and terminal on certain level, plunge into next roots to come in Beijing thoroughly.

Community contends for the success or failure of battle to have bigger effect to the success or failure of Beijing beer war.

"Communicate adequately with consumer, build consumer to be spent to the faithfulness of the brand, just be the most essential route that acquires a victory. " afore-mentioned beer trade public figures that do not wish to disclose a full name are right " daily of the first finance and economics " express, this is beer is attacked prevent war true " super weapon " , also be broken solution " channel fortify " , " price war " the powerful weapon that waits for common war doctrine.

Actually, community activity be current is not in Beijing only, fang Jun of industry observation personage is right " daily of the first finance and economics " express, activity of sale of community of market of each district beer is like a bitter edible plant like fire, common form is umbrella of banner of all sorts of poster, condole, sun put community on terminal in great quantities, at the same time a few small-sized activities also are begun in succession, if literary show, spot gives drink,wait. With 100 power for exemple, 100 power right " daily of the first finance and economics " express, will be in during the Olympic Games " 100 power club " (Bud? Club) hold 8 grand manner and airs to be opposite, and in the whole nation 10 cities hold hop (love, prices, information) field, open during this kind of match own big screen TV and beer and cheer of the crowd " garden " , 2002 and was proved to be a success during the world cup 2006.
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