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Chinese beer industry: Produce can superfluous of the cost under painful
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Many media before this guess, "Mao Wujian " trade situation will suffer an earthquake because of sword Na Chun and change, wine of sword Na Chun kind Zhang Tianjiao of general manager of management limited company expresses, sword Na Chun makes any policy below or development strategy won't be changed because of this earthquake, position of sword Nachun industry also won't shake because of this earthquake.

He discloses, originally the sale target this year is 4.1 billion yuan, but at present 3 months cannot send wine, primary objective cannot be finished for certain, can finish what degree to also cannot expect at present, predict to be able to be finished only at most 2007 the 80 % of sale.

But because as it happens of these 3 months is liquor,consume off-season, zhang Tianjiao expresses to will use inventory wine to supply the market.

As to the seismic influence to wine price, zhang Tianjiao expresses, na Chundou of sword of the last few years is raising price stage by stage, basically be to come from commissariat, the sources of energy, pack and the cost pressure such as labour force, danjian Na Chun absolutely won't consumer of impute to of will stricken be hit by a natural adversity loss, although move price,also make according to cost only.

Last year, sword Na Chun and yeast for making hard liquor of its continous bamboo make an appointment with 300 million yuan in the sale of Guangdong, 3.6 billion yuan are in the whole nation. Zhang Tianjiao says, from the point of economic norms, before sword Nachun will exit liquor market for certain this year 3, but believe " cogongrass (stage) 5 (grain fluid) sword (Na Chun) " trade situation won't be changed.

On June 12, big from Sichuan earthquake happens just a month, afterwards is in at the beginning of last year December wine of Na Chunnian portion tastes the Beijing, sword that holds in Shanghai by this year Feburary after ancient bronze mirror is met, be in early placed wine of a particular year the 3rd times to taste ancient bronze mirror to meet this year in April, as a result of earthquake of arise suddenly ground, make the Chun Meng austral the sword sufferred huge loss, the circumstance after wine of a particular year tasted ancient bronze mirror to also can become disaster temporarily aerates meeting. The reporter learns on the meeting, sword Na Chun already was in this month go back to work of 7 days of parts, but loss about 30 % - the fundamental wine of 40 % and age wine. Na Chunfang face emphasizes Danjian, won't rise in price because of seismic loss.

Wine of sword Na Chun kind Ren Bin of vise general manager of management limited company introduces on the meeting, the pecuniary loss that this especially big shake disaster causes to us is heavy, preliminary estimation is in 1 billion yuan of above. But be worth to rejoice is: Employee of sword Na Chun does not have great casualties, pool of tens of thousands of cellar is whole also nondestructive, the fundamental wine after the loss still withheld 60 % - 70 % .
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