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The program of serve wine
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1, when fete guest, wine should notice the following regulation on:

(The bishop with 1) lighter vinosity should compare the bishop with heavier vinosity to be used for the guest first sincerely yours.

(2) does bishop to go up first, sweet go up after bishop.

(3) wine age shorter bishop first Yu Jiuling's senior bishop.

(If 4) does not want to change vinous breed, should change so vinous a particular year; The wine of same breed, ? Press the order that different a particular year differentiates to propose a toast early or late.

Above is 4 vinous is respected on the banquet general regulation.

2, maintain bottled vinous to clarify degree

The hotel must clarify with wine transparent, not cloudy with precipitation. But to a few bishop, especially claret, after longer keep in storage is passed inside bottle, very hard to avoid avoids to arise inside bottle a few sedimentary, below this kind of circumstance, must first eliminate is sedimentary, narrate a program to serve table by above place again next. ? Take out bottle from inside wine cellar, enter dining-room and open bottle stopper to wait, should avoid to make bottle produces any concussion. ? Also answer when teem bishop special caution. Using this kind of basket turning over discharge to undertake in banqueting hall spot generally speaking is without difficulty.