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Music makes a noise to drink much wine easily
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Listening to music to drink at the same time at the same time is the recreational way that a lot of people like. No matter be bar or restaurant, often can hear the music of all sorts of types. But if music is too noisy, was about to be careful! According to the United States " healthy day " the website reported recently, deafening concert lets people drink more wine inside short time, harm the body thereby.

University action scientist undertook the Buliedani austral France this research. They point out, there is research discovery before, music has very big effect to drinking, rhythm is faster, the rate that people drinks is rapidder, musical style can affect people to drink likewise behavior. Researcher in France a restaurant western observed 40 18, client of 25 years old, these people and friend come along bar, into hind ordered one dock-glass beer. In a few weeks of time, researcher chooses different music, use different decibel to broadcast. Result discovery, musical decibel is taller, rhythm is faster, the rate that is drunk by observer is rapidder.

Researcher analysis, musical rhythm and volume, can produce stimulative effect to people drinking behavior, tall decibel concert is ticked off rise or aggravate the trouble of people mind, may drown worried in dring more then. Also can affect the language communication between people at the same time, bring about necessarily " speech all is in the cup " result.