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Complex of appreciate Japan clear wine
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Japanese always is having numberless as the sand custom and contraindication to all sorts of traditional industries, because this wants,covering wine place of business is a thing with comparative not easy. Fortunately, as a result of some kind of special good luck, the author must be participated in with the whole journey of close quarters prevent family name (presiding brew division) brew process, with Tibetan person (staff member) people a dawn rises namely, sunset and breath.

If you often patronage a few " eat full " if accidental one day, you have opportunity bring into contact with to come from Japan to write famous product area each, model voice and grade the wine of each different kind wine can put the Qing Dynasty that you discover advanced course surprisingly on the ice to drink unexpectedly, and the wine that pure rice leads to can send out unexpectedly a flower sweet or Hami melon is general and attractive elegant aroma, just discover clear wine suddenly the other one side of that essence clever unsurpassed.

So called Tibet yuan, it is Japanese word inside " wine place of business " . This I interview deep " 3000 cherry " hide yuan, be located in Qi to mound the ferry in the county plain, from the name ancient house airport drives to also must spend 9 hours to just be met. Why is the author able to work to still always be allowed busily to interview in this? Original, be in complete Japan more than 2000 Tibet yuan in the center, the heart of daughter-in-law Lin Wan that belongs to this to a Taiwan comes, still have her gentleman, ever taught Japanese in Taiwan before New Year more, mandarin also tells one level is marvellously prevent family name -- hillside plot manages n cultivated land, also can be half Taiwanese almost. It is under this kind of special fellow villager friendly feelings, entrance door of mysterious wine place of business is opened wide for me.

Japanese arrange inn, believe should to average grade, mouthfeel slightly bitter Japanese clear alcoholic drink has bit of impression. Cultured of arrange of the Japan since contrast is fresh and precious feed clever knife of material and essence to be versed in, these alcohol dislike choke person slightly, the person of clear drinker's wager game that ability difference can enter the mouth after need is tepid can'ts help producing the move of a blemish in an otherwise perfect thing. Also as a result of long-term since the Japanese wine that contacts high quality without the predestined relationship, are a lot of people confirmed? Think Japanese wine is so acrimony be full of alcohol flavour, and must be tepid move is drunk.

Nickname " forest will " lady of Lin Wan heart, not long ago published a depict in Taiwan how does she transform from star of a beautiful field white-collar of the Chengdu City, marry again after that hide yuan of romaunt when daughter-in-law " of a member of the same clan marry " . ? Though the person is in Japan, forest the reader that follows the rich customer that still passes through her every day however country keeps interactive, hide besides narrate yuan li of big petty thing that produce, the youth that returns recruit to have glow to clear wine and Japanese culture sees in wine place of business learn.
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