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The expert is analytic the 7 big gain that drink beer
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According to the United States " Forbes " the magazine reported on March 16, through 10 years of valuable healthy research, experts discover, regular, medium spend beer intake -- namely everyday 1, 2 cups of 12 ounce (350 milliliter) beer -- beneficial to the male and female, especially if you are faced with anile or get the worry of the commonnest disease. And the following the advantage that 7 you long for day and night, beer can bring you.

Maintain heart health: Much research makes clear, drink moderately, include beer, can reduce the risk that contracts heart disease, heart disease is killer of American number one. In the research 2006, the researcher of communal and wholesome institute discovers center of medical treatment of deaconess of Bei Si Israel and Ha Fo, in healthy in lifestyle man, the risk of the heart attack of the person that the person that drink moderately compares pussyfoot, reduced 40% , 60% .

Protection is hemal: Hypertensive influence makes an appointment with 650 thousand American. But 2007, the researcher of communal and wholesome institute discovers university of American haing Buddha, right amount the hypertensive male patient that drinks beer, its are deadly gender and the risk that are not deadly sex heart attack somewhat bring down. Drink beer to also conduce to moderately prevent thrombosis, precaution lacks brain of courage and uprightness apoplectic.

Reduce diabetic risk: Consider to show, diabetic philtrum is spent drink to also can reduce the biggest killer -- the risk that coronary heart disease breaks out. Consider to still make clear, spend drinking habit gently to be able to help protection come from a developing country 2 model diabetic. Because,this may be, drinking meeting adds insulin sensitivity or antiphlogistic effect.

Increase cognitive capacity: Is beer beneficial to cerebrum? Consider to make clear, the answer is affirmative. Published 2006 in " magazine of American heart association " the report that go up makes clear, right amount drinking likelihood lets a woman obtain better cognitive capability. Not come singly but in pairs, published 2003 " American cure learns a magazine " the research that go up says, the old people of 65 years old of above is weekly and drinkable 1, the beverage of 6 cups of spirituosity, compare with photograph of pussyfoot, excessive drinking, the risk that contracts senile and gawkish disease is inferior.

Make skeleton strong: Consider to make clear, beer is in precautionary bone prediction of a person's luck in a given year and rebuild effect can be produced above male spirit quantity, but did not discover benefit however to the young woman, woman after the turn of life passes. According to saying, the likelihood is content of the silicon in beverage taller. But excessive drinks, the odds that can bring about fracture increases greatly.

Retain vigor: Review 50 research to make clear, in drink moderately with there is a kind of contrary connection between total mortality, say according to coming from the report of American Ministry of Agriculture 2005, drink everyday 1, the person of 2 cups of wine, dead risk appears lowest, because beer rose to rise to prevent coronary heart disease and apoplectic action,this may be.
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