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Division collect pulls the dream of division of much serve spirits
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Bobby? Stuckey and Lachlan? Mackinnon? Patterson is the partner that division collect helps dining-room of Frasca of city of heart of much city wave, two their people are very interesting, although be millionaire, still insist to commute by bicycle everyday, it is encounter heavy snow day not exceptional also. The wife Danette of Bobby says: "I never had seen they drive, no matter Chun Xiaqiu winter, the bicycle is their vehicle forever. "  

Nevertheless, lachlan and Bobby did not regard this as drudgery, they feel palpitant frequency is achieved minutely 150 when bright pole. Especially the Bobby of one's previous experience of professional bicycle athlete, to huge of physical ability wastage hill road rides to be very happy with it all right, although he now is the serve spirits division with bicycle motion wide of the mark.   

The understanding of Bobby and Lachlan to running restaurant answering Chinese adage " gentleman is mixed and differ " . 6 years ago, are 2 people in the French with accept famous handkerchief? Laundry dining-room encounters, bobby is the division of presiding serve spirits over there at that time, and Lachlan is chef, after communicating for many times, they feel meet hate is late, so they are dreaming to own their restaurant. Talk through closing to genu grows for many times again, decide partnership opens restaurant finally, and the target of dining-room locates actually simple to " successive ground is deadbeat people enhance physical power " , because this thinks they want corner of be content to retain sovereignty over a part of the country only,did not satisfy, 2 people build his meal empire even ambitiously.  

Lachlan edition of this United States " cate and beautiful wine " the 2005 year that the magazine chooses are optimal nova chef its appearance not raise, shockheaded, wearing corpulent jeans and comfortable T-shirt unlined upper garment, how to look more resembling is a poet, he is drinking Italian coffee small to explain at the same time at the same time: "We want namely dedicated nod at, strive to be able to progress everyday next. The connotation that we value dining-room and dish to taste more is not explicit form. " the view of another boss Bobby somewhat difference, but the companionate reach the same goal by different routes with him: "The classics all through the ages when I am using me to become an athlete everyday lashs oneself. The hardest cycle track work on the world is ' Paris - Lu Bei cycle track ' , whole journey the contest of 160 kilometers paragraph it is cobble road entirely, and lying wet and windy season. I am do dining-room to regard as attend ' Paris - Lu Bei cycle track ' will face all sorts of difficulty and challenge euqally. I am do dining-room to regard as attend ' Paris - Lu Bei cycle track ' will face all sorts of difficulty and challenge euqally..

Say to work. Summer 2003, the wave heart city that Bobby and Lachlan moved Keluoladuo from California accept handkerchief, final make choice of downtown old old grocery store, white hand built Frasca dining room, need them even at that time 2 people kiss automatic hand to decorate. Read the hardship that decorates used data to know they do poineering work again. What wooden floor uses is van the bunk that come down is torn open on manger, table spends 50 dollars to be bought in the inn of the cake that approve Sa that is close to closing down from, all kitchen utensils and appliances are bought from another dining-room that closes down early, altogether was used only 1, 000 dollars, in dining-room appear exclusively of some class is sun's rays illuminates the glazing that gives pink luster with respect to extensive. In August 2004, "Miserable and shabby " Frasca eventually practice.   
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