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The health of wine drinks a way
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Burning hot summer, big quaff beer is a very cozy job. Of carouse at, people total concern drinks bender to won't produce undesirable effect to health. The England May 28 " daily Post " brought a good news to everybody, in the experiment that participates in in a 50 thousand person, the scientist confirms, daily the incidence of a disease that absorbs a few alcohol to be able to reduce male heart disease. So, should drink which kinds of wine after all, how drink a way, ability produces the advantage of a wine truly, lest Where is the trouble back at home of people?


The part in liquor is very complex, have in these material many human body health is needed. The drink before the person that have insomnious disease sleeps a few liquor, be helpful for Morpheus, can stimulate the exudation of gastric juice and saliva, have stomachic effect. In addition, right amount and drinkable liquor still has ventilated medicinal powder the action of invigorate the circulation of blood of muscle of cold, easy. But, because liquor degree is higher, must not excessive is drinkable, cause alcoholism easily otherwise, harm liver and cerebral cell; Pregnant woman drinks to still can endanger fetal health in great quantities.

Everyman is drinkable when liquor, daily and drinkable quantity had better not use high alcohol more than 2 2; Low degree of liquor is daily had better not exceed 3 2.

Yellow rice or millet wine

A large number of sugar are contained in yellow rice or millet wine cent, organic acid, amino acid and all sorts of vitamins, have higher nutrient value, especially among them amino acid content, than other wine tower above a lot of. Because yellow rice or millet wine is,be raw material with rice, the saccharify with long course, ferment make, the starch in raw material and protein by enzymatic decompose the material that makes young member, easy be digested to absorb by human body, accordingly, people also labels yellow rice or millet wine nutrient beverage wine. The degree of yellow rice or millet wine is inferior, taste in a popular style, fight consenescence to have certain effect to female hairdressing, old people especially, suit quite daily and drinkable.

Degree adds rice wine in what control 15 degrees, daily and drinkable quantity does not exceed 8 2; The high-grade Shaoxing wine that degree controls in 20 degrees, daily and drinkable quantity does not exceed 6 2.


Beer is stimulant of a kind of tall caloric, the quantity of heat of 1 litre of beer is equivalent to 200 grams biscuit or 500 grams potato, 12 kinds of 17 kinds of amino acid, vitamins still are contained in beer, be called by people " liquid biscuit " , see the abundance of its nutrition. Beer has stomachic, exciting hydrochloric acid in gastric juice to secrete, the action that enhances digestible energy power, but beer quantity of heat is higher, the metabolization in human body is faster, make because this excessive is drinkable easily person put on weight, generation " beer belly " . In addition, gouty patient scarcely can drink beer, because among them purine causes acuteness ache easily.
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