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Li Yongqing: Thick sauce holds sweet wine concurrently " harmonious culture "
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On August 26, in the Chinese jade spring that sponsors jointly by association of Heilongjiang wine trade and newspaper office of wine of an ancient name for China thick sauce holds concurrently sweet model on liquor development workshop, li Yongqing of expert of director of association of trade of vice-president of branch of liquor of association of Chinese brew industry, Heilongjiang wine, famous liquor, thick sauce will devote oneself to to hold concurrently since its are long-term sweet model the research achievement dedication of liquor culture comes out, this one achievement is sweet to driving Chinese thick sauce to hold concurrently model the development of liquor culture, have far-reaching real value and prospective sense.

Session, " wine of an ancient name for China signs up for " the reporter interviewed Li Yongqing at this point.

Li Yongqing says, the core of Chinese culture is " world support of the people " , the marrow of Chinese wine culture also should be " it is with the person this, it is in order to mix expensive " . Liquor is the product with peculiar the Chinese nation, from apparently look, it is a kind of drink, but look from social meaning, it is to build one kind below is controlled in culture " mental commodity " . So, liquor culture can represent wine culture of China more, more the deep intention that reflects Chinese wine culture faultlessly.

Thick sauce holds concurrently sweet model liquor is new China after holding water, a research and development is successful kind new sweet model liquor. It is to build in two the tradition is old sweet model -- the innovation on sweet base of aroma and sauce evolves and come, so, its material is formed is thick sauce the composition of two kinds of wine, thick sauce is contained necessarily on its spirit level the culture gene of two kinds of wine. Discuss thick sauce to hold concurrently sweet model the culture connotation of liquor, answer naturally first the foundation from it -- the culture of sweet liquor of aroma liquor and sauce is mentioned.

Have Rong Naida

Li Yongqing thinks, aroma liquor is wine of liquor of prior of our country history is planted, the ethical culture that it represents is extensive and rich. If Lu city is old,Chi Wen turns 400 years of store sth in a cellar or pit of cellar; The culture of harmony of 5 grain brew of 5 grain fluid, character " proper " middle culture; Of sword Na Chun " flourishing age culture " ; Of card of a small bay in a river " culture of be willing to part with or use " ; Well lane makes " noble life element " ; Foreign river creates " colour culture " etc. The mining of businesses of these wine of culture classics name, arrange, abstraction, transmission, make they imprint already the brand that has the history, have the elegant demeanor of the times again, already congeneric one arteries and veins personality is distinct.

Sauce is sweet model liquor also is tradition of our country liquor the delegate wine with the most typical craft is planted. The culture that it represents has real sense more. Be like Maotai " country wine culture " , " healthy culture " ; Of man wine " the hole hides culture " etc. These culture classics are contemporary transmission, get a Chinese not only advocate, and also have certain effect all over the world.
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