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Self-confident woman loves red wine
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The woman that loves red wine is pure affection of static, charming, great-hearted, return certain self-confidence.

Good red wine must want to have good qualitative material brew, and the red wine that high grade qualitative material brew comes out is certain pure static, settleclear thorough. A cup of glittering and translucent, get rid of is appeared, high grape is red grasp go up in the hand, thorough of the sort of pure static He Cheng can shed feminine whole body slowly through the vision, clean up of common of the float dry on will female person, languid gets completely. ? After the grape Gong Zheng of that posse nobility took the woman's captious vision, letting what the woman is intoxicated is that one twinkles, the charming condition that confuses Li.

The woman is actual, real woman is little not of tea of fuel sauce vinegar disturbing and but. Red wine gives a woman through taste bud half drunk wake partly condition, the abigail person's natural grape that shows honest dream is red in the charming affection that ground of incisively and vividly is released and brandish asperses her, the grape that confuses drunk leer to pass through nobility is red, abigail person jumped out completely Fan Su, move toward happy and satisfied sky. ? Pure another alias with affection of static, charming, great-hearted red grape is high, not pure static mood, without the experience of charming affection, did not confuse release drunkly, do not hold the lasting appeal of that posse nobility.

The woman loves red wine, those who love her is pure affection of static, charming and nobility, love the self-confidence that affection of You Chunjing, charming, high brew comes out more. Because the woman is pure static, can eyes showing the effects of drink look " human society " , the woman because charming affection, can sigh solution " 1000 anxious " , because the woman is high, can poor is unripe " riches and honour " , woman more because of self-confidence, can lose the shoulder is carried " morality and justice " .

The woman loves red wine, love red wine can make you pure static, can make your charming affection, can make you high, can make you self-confident more.