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When watching TV, not drink
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Some love nonabstainer, often the edge sees TV edge drink. The kill that such doing is to make the eye is harmed greatestly. Everybody knows, blood-vessel can diffuse immediately after the alcohol that contains in wine enters human body; As a result of alcohol kind Yi Rong at water, and the vitreous body water content of eyeball lumen amounts to 99 % , have stronger affinity to alcohol, extremely easy injury is retinal.

Say on medical book: "Wine makes person eye congests to hurt eye easily. " so, malty the person of wine is common be hematic silk is bestrewed on eyeball, appear red-eyed phenomenon. Latter-day medicine bound considers to confirm: In wine harmful alcohol kind (like methanol) can make optic atrophy, see TV cross-eye eyeball right now very adverse. Because TV fastens immediate light source, the exciting force of cross-eye eyeball is very powerful, besides receives the picture tube in inspecting to be able to give off mensurable X ray, can use up what lever cell inspects in eye retina to inspect in great quantities amaranthine qualitative, bring about eyesight ambiguous, drop.

Accordingly, persuade gentleman not to face shown TV set, the edge sees edge drink, bring feel happy, lest make a gift of sth,feel an eye. malty the person of wine is more unfavorable face a television to watch a program.