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Careful: Beer can be drunk give 7 kinds of disease
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Beer contains rich saccharide, vitamin, amino acid, inorganic salt and the nutrition such as a variety of microelement composition, call " liquid biscuit " , right amount and drinkable, the heat that heat up solution, stomachic to coming loose, promote digest and eliminate exhaustion to all have certain effect. But in recent years medicine considers to discover, if people is long-term and many drinkable beer, can cause to the body damage, the expert says for " beer is ill " .

Beer heart:

In wine kind in beverage, the alcohol content of beer is least, the alcohol content of a litre of beer is equivalent to the alcohol content of more than 9 liquor, so a lot of people regard beer as disappear heat beverage. But if incontinent excessive drink, the alcohol that accumulates inside body can damage liver function, increase nephritic burden, cardiac muscle organization also can appear adipose cell soak, make cardiac muscle function abate, cause tachycardia; Add excessive to the liquid makes blood circulation estimates increase and increase heart burden, cause cardiac muscle fleshy, ventricular bulk to expand, form " beer heart " . If things go on like this can send heart failure, rhythm of the heart to wait mussily.

Beer belly:

Because beer nutrition is rich, produce quantity of heat big, long-term and many drinkable meeting creates system inside adipose accumulation, cause potbellied, form " beer belly " .

The patient often accompanies fat having blood, blood pressure to lift.

Stone and gout:

Concerned data still makes clear, the patient such as stone of atrophic sex gastritis, urology, a large number of drinkable beer can cause have a recurrence of an old illness or aggravating illness. Because acid of nucleotide of calcic, oxalic acid, black and purine nucleotide are contained in the big wort of brew beer,this is acid, their interaction, the quantity adds the uric acid that can make human body medium one times much, not only stimulative bravery kidney stone is formed, and can cause gouty disease.


A large number of drinkable beer, make gastric mucous membrane is damaged, cause gastritis and digestibility ulcer, appear on the abdomen is unwell, inappetence, abdominal distension and turn over the symptom such as acid.


Water beer excessive still can reduce capacity of human body reaction. American cancer expert discovers, the person that the dangerous sex that the person of many water beer contracts oral cavity cancer and esophagus cancer wants more spirited than drink wine is 3 times taller.

Lead poisoning:

Beer contains lead in brew raw material, many and drinkable hind, hematic lead content is elevatory, make person intelligence drops, unresponsive, serious person damage reproductive system; Old age causes senile domentia disease easily.

Reasonable and drinkable beer: Right amount comfortable lukewarm

Answer above all right amount. Adult every time drinkable quantity is unfavorable more than 300 milliliter (inadequacy pulls coal tub easily to measure) , one day does not exceed 500 milliliter (one beer bottle is measured) , every time drinkable 100~200 milliliter is more appropriate. It is comfortable next lukewarm. The temperature with drinkable optimum beer is in ℃ of 12 ℃ ~15, wine is right now sweet be in groove with bubble, mouthfeel of drinkable Shi Shuang is most apparent. Should not be moreover with bloat fume food in all eat. Appropriate eats fruit and delicate cooked food, pignut is food of best beer go with wine.
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