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Affection of Jing of ancient fort night
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Reach a village continuously

The Pauillac that from Boerduo the urban district overcomes more to the plum produces a division, need the car Cheng of 1 many hours about, outside the window also from mix in modernization classic between the countryside that struggling city switch sets off one another into Pu garden and Gu Bao is fastened scene. Had sailed hurriedly loftily the renown wine place of business of stand erect, does one pedestrian reach the last station that day continuously -- Chateau? Pichon-Longueville? Baron (abbreviation: Chateau? Pichon? Baron) . The scene of place of business of wine of this Er much class does not have outstanding place. The gray ancient fort of a 18 centuries stands tall and upright in grapery to mix confuse you in the forest, let a person can't help associating plus fastigium tower of black that castle that a white snow princess and 7 small atomy stay in, occupied the goldfish pool of whole dooryard by force, huge, make public, agreed Oriental geomantic art without prior consultation however, after that the courtyard shows constraint narrow-minded slightly, the Cun Jinke of very little earth of Pauillac sees one spot. This pattern entered a small hole, do I turn over Chateau in brain secretly again? Pichon? The history of Baron, can't help dumb like that.

The tourist guide is set bureau

Chief Marie? After a tourist guide of Louise, will we taste wine room to undertake the Barrel 2006? Testing(bucket edge tries drink) . Although the name is bucket edge to try drink, but not be direct take wine to try drink from inside oak bucket, try however drink the new alcoholic drink that holds good bottle beforehand. The Chateau 2006? Pichon? Baron experiences the silky Chan Ning like silk and long Yu Yun namely into larynx, it is ability probably in just putting oak bucket, do not have too much and rich flavour, drink now indeed some regrettablly. This evaluation is offended belle Marie is smally frown beautiful women, left immediately a bottle 2005 to be present everybody. This bottle of wine is really special and outstanding, colour and lustre shows amaranth, fruit spiciness gloomy, simple peaceful structure is thick, integral expression is not defeated to had been drunk before 2000. "Admirable " word of praise, the complacent affection of Marie is in overtones, but still want " hypocritical " the ground conceals one time: "Drink again when the dinner of true just enough! " next the program is museum of visiting wine place of business, the goblet that what prize gives here is not those antique level, bottle, or it is a bottle implement wait for artwork, be located in a corner however stick the oak cask that wrapping green leather, is occupying Marie to say that Louis? Vuitton quantity makes the gift that gives wine the bank personally, showed AXA and LVMH the awake photograph cherish of financial group of two big France.

A particular year of have ulterior motives

A day of jolt lets rumble of person empty stomach, at long last when late dinner hour, actually intestines and stomach most those who remember with concern still is Marie a moment ago sold close child, where is the good wine that which a particular year is after all? I guess should be 1996, because this is AXA,take over the most successful a particular year after wine place of business. But the 1988 Chateau that sees on table one bottle of absolutely empty? Pichon? After Baron, the laugh that when I understood Marie keep others guessing immediately, stranges and changeful, ask why she chooses this time, because well-known, was apart from the summit summit level 1996 to still have some of space 1988. She saw my ask while knowing the answer it seems that, answer wittily: "88 to the Chinese it is a very auspicious number! " this answer ridicules me fatheaded so that do not know how debunk she, what also be forced to change pair of host is considerate and admire one time greatly to the understanding of Chinese culture.
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